Premium Waterproof Inkjet Film

Size: 24” wide x 100’ long
Quantity: 1 Roll - 5 Rolls
Ink Density: 4.0
Caliper / Thickness: 5 mil
High contrast & High definition: 175 Lines per inch
Price: $79.95
In stock
Premium Waterproof Inkjet Film
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Consistent and durable, our Premium Waterproof inkjet film allows screen printers to output film faster, use less ink and achieve ultimate density.

- Excellent waterproof performance without extra surface treatment, has a good waterproof capability.

- Typical applications: By textile prints, screen printings, print works, towel manufacturers, carpet manufacturers, for plate

making in all kinds of sizes as a substitution of traditional laser phototypeset

- The ink density is up to 4.0 .The high density of imaging, close to laser photo typesetting film, use common inkjet printers

print can achieve a higher black degrees, beneficial to the black printing down.

- Coated for optimum density, drying time, halftone shape, image clarity, and longevity single, spot and pleasing full color

reproduction capability.

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