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If you have a friend whose birthday is coming up and he or she loves cigars, one of the best gift ideas you can go with is to get them a box of their favorite brand and redecorate each cigar with a personalized cigar band label! However, these labels are not just limited to birthdays as they can be used for other occasions such as baby showers and weddings as well as personal and business reasons.

Why Opt for Cigar Band Labels?

One word – cool. The labels can come in so many designs and styles that you can imagine and a few of them include the fancy, buckle, traditional and billboard style labels. If you own a golf clubhouse, these cigar band labels are sure to impress. They are a great way of promoting the club and even spicing things up at a golf tournament.

Personalized cigar band labels are also an easy and quick way to celebrate career promotion, graduation or engagement announcements – including important places, names and dates. You can always be sure that these labels turn a good cigar into a great one!

Create Your Cigar Band Labels with Us!

At Cut Sheet Labels, we create your cigar band labels with the finest materials from our factory. This means that the labels you receive are very durable and will endure constant handling well. Unless you choose to remove it (why would you?), they will enhance the overall aesthetics of your cigar.

We also pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time and will deliver your labels within a few working days. Shopping online with us is safe and enjoyable experience as we protect our website and online store with SSL encryption.

Can't find a particular label shape or size? Don't worry! Simply call or email our company's representatives for more information.