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Address Labels

You are preparing to send out a bunch of invitations or mailers and you do not want to spend too much time and energy writing out the return address on each and every one of them. So what do you do? Simply get yourself some address labels, of course! Why go through the pains of giving yourself potential hand cramps when you can comfortably adhere such labels to the top of your envelopes and spend the rest of time you have now saved to do something else, like taking a well-deserved break?

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Why Opt for Address Labels?

Well, don't you just love it when you can just peel and stick? Address labels are an easy option for you to inject your unique personality onto holiday cards, packages and your heartfelt letters. If you are writing and sending out business letters and newsletters, these labels can help build brand recognition and optimize the brand recall among your valued customers and business partners. You can do so because the labels allow you to print your company logo or add any design you like with ease. And by saving time, you will be able to spend more time on core business matters.

Create Your Address Labels with Us!

At Cut Sheet Labels, we are able to offer plain address labels so that you can print your own designs at any time you see fit. We can also customize the labels to any size you need. That's not all as we are also able to do custom prints for you if you are planning to order in bulk quantity. We invite you to enjoy our exceptional customer service, fast shipping services and labels that are made for a remarkable price. Shopping on our website is safe as our site is protected with SSL encryption so you can buy with confidence.

Can't find your desired address label size on our site? You can also contact us today to let us know your requirement and one of our friendly representatives will attend to your enquiries.