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One of the most important aspects of managing a library is how you organize and classify the books and documents that are stored within your space. Sorting out and organizing extensive collections of books and encyclopedias can be a challenge without the help of visual aids. That being said, you will be delighted to know that library labels are specially developed for shelf organization, book spine labeling, library categorization and classification.

Why Opt for Library Labels?

These organizational and identification labels can be easily adhered onto the spine of the book without causing any damage. What's more, the first thing that you see is often the spine of the book, and with a label that can easily capture your attention you will be able to pick out what you want in a matter of seconds.

Most of these library labels are also compatible with most popular cataloging software for libraries such as Microsoft Word and Maestro Label Designer. This simply means more savings as you do not need to depend on a third party to design your labels for you!

Create Your Library Labels with Us!

At Cut Sheet Labels, our labels are inkjet and laser printer friendly, and the adhesives we use are high quality permanent acrylic adhesives that possess non-ooze characteristics. These superior qualities are aimed to prevent your printers from jamming. Furthermore, the printing results will be nothing short of impressive.

To get started on your procurement of library labels, our website offers a user-friendly and safe online shopping experience for all. You can rest assure that your personal information is well-protected with our site's SSL encryption.

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