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Golf clubs do get lost by mistake, but you can get yours back with golf club labels. These identification labels have long been famous at thousands of private country clubs because they set the standard for quality and style. The labels can also feature a bold, black personalized imprint as well as clear protective overlay so owners can inconspicuously and easily label all their clubs in case of misplacement or loss.

Why Opt for Golf Club Labels?

When you opt for these labels, you get to enjoy unparalleled variety. This means you get to select from more than twenty color combinations, up to 6 graphic elements and several fonts. You will be able to match your golf clubs and your personality with ease. The labels are also of unsurpassed quality as they can be printed metallic polyester film, providing outstanding flexibility for permanent and easy application, excellent abrasion and tear resistance, and exceptional printing characteristics.

You can also trust that the printing resins we use are vibrant, fade and UV resistant as well as scratch and water proof. You will be able to use your clubs outdoors for a long time without worrying about damaging the labels.

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